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In Case You Were Wondering

March 14, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Society

No, I haven’t abandoned this site.  It’s been an action packed couple of weeks since I last got all uncommon.

The day job has been no joke since I was trying to do three weeks of work in advance of taking some time off.  I’ve been doing a million things around the house too.  When they invent self cleaning houses I’m buying one.  I could give a lot of reasons but really it comes down to the fact that I hate cleaning.  Really, who doesn’t?

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The Running of the Elephants

February 22, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Politics

For political junkies like me election season is always an exciting time.  Next year’s presidential campaign promises to be one of the more interesting campaigns for Republicans.  Right now it appears they have the political upper hand which means there’s no shortage of Republicans who think he or she can be president. 

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Missed Education

February 2, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Society

Sometimes you hear a story and think, “This can’t possibly be true.  It doesn’t make any sense.”  Like the well known urban legend about waking up in a bathtub of ice with your liver missing.  It might sound vaguely like it could happen but really you know it’s not true.  That’s how I felt when I read the story about the woman in Ohio who was jailed on a felony charge for sending her kids to school in the wrong school district.

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The Fatherhood Part 2

January 18, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Parenting

In seven short weeks (or long weeks if you ask my wife) I’m going to be a father for the second time.  This time around I’m much calmer and have far less anxiety about the whole process.  Maybe because I’ve long since accepted I have no idea what I’m doing.  I think fatherhood works more smoothly that way.

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Talk Like Race (Ain’t Sayin’ Nuthin’)

January 10, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Society

Recently I was perusing a baby-related message board (I know, I know) and I came across a posting by a woman sharing the story of her seven year old son’s experience being picked on by another kid because his skin is dark.  The typical, “Oh this is horrible” or “they’re kids they don’t know that they’re saying at that age.  Just ignore it” responses followed.  Yes, it is horrible but I suspect the kid knew exactly what he was saying, he was raised that way.

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