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March 14, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Society

No, I haven’t abandoned this site.  It’s been an action packed couple of weeks since I last got all uncommon.

The day job has been no joke since I was trying to do three weeks of work in advance of taking some time off.  I’ve been doing a million things around the house too.  When they invent self cleaning houses I’m buying one.  I could give a lot of reasons but really it comes down to the fact that I hate cleaning.  Really, who doesn’t?

All this activity has been motivated by the preparation and eventual foray into Fatherhood Part 2.  Yes, my little bundle of joy is here so excuse my lack of activity.  I’ve mostly been gazing at her and my wife in amazement.  More on that topic later, I promise.

On the web site front we’ve been working on a redesign that we’ll be launching soon.  Keep visiting for updates.  We’re very excited about the upcoming changes.

Here are some quick thoughts on what’s been happening in the world:

  • That’s some meltdown Charlie Sheen is having.  Dude, has taken celebrity lunacy to different level these days.  He’s made Lindsay Lohan seem almost normal, which is quite a feat.  Charlie’s made everybody forget about Mel Gibson’s meltdown last year.  It just occurred to me every year some celebrity goes off the deep end.  Then in a couple years they end up on Celebrity Rehab or Celebrity Apprentice.  Old Carlos Estevez might be might the first celebrity to do both shows at the same time.
  • Moammar Gaddafi is making the world remember he was the original Saddam Hussein.  Actually Hussein was a poor rip off of Gaddafi.  For a minute there I thought the revolutionary tide in the Arab world would claim him too.  But never underestimate the desire of a despot to hold on this kingdom.
  • If your company made $9 billion last year what would you do?  Provoke a labor standoff?  If you said yes, you might be the owner of an NFL team.  I’m stunned how little regard the owners have for fans.  I guess we’re all dollar signs to them.  I’m also shocked that there are actually fans that support the owners’ unbridled greed.  Eh, no football means more time for futbol.
  • Finally, pray for the people of Japan.

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