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Hot Off The Press: March-April

Hot Off The Press: March-April

Welcome back!  Things look a little (okay a lot) different.  We’ve remodeled the whole place.  There’s a fresh coat of paint on the..

March 14, 2012
Yellow Cab

Yellow Cab

March 6, 2012
Of Wings and Prints

Of Wings and Prints

Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a 15 year old photographer and artist who has won contests with National Geographic,The Woodland Trust, The World..

February 27, 2012

Hot off the Presses

We’re back with another exciting issue of Uptown Mosaic Magazine. Putting together each issue is a labor of love.   Issue number three..

September 13, 2011

In This Issue… June/July Uptown Mosaic Magazine

We made it to issue number 2!

June 23, 2011
The Gallery
  • The Break
  • Yellow Cab
  • Snowflakes
  • Of Wings and Prints
  • Abbey Road Revisited
  • Carnival
  • Cross Culture
  • Juan Carlos
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