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Guns & Butter

January 5, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Politics

I’ll bet ever since the Bill of Rights was ratified people have probably been arguing about the meaning of the second amendment.  While I generally don’t think it gives citizens the rights that most people think it does; I’ve come to accept that the right to bear arms folks have won the argument.  It would be great if they figured that out too.

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The Things People Say (When Nobody’s Looking)

January 3, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Society

I’m not sure when or why I started this habit, but it’s gripped me for some time now.  I admit I’m an avid reader of website comment sections.  Some who know me would suggest my argumentative nature led me down this rabbit hole.  However my habit started it’s obvious that website comment sections are a window into our societal loony bin.  If you want to see the ugly underbelly of society visit the online comment section of any newspaper or magazine.

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What it is…

January 1, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind

So I’m blogging now.  Welcome to An Uncommon Mind.

A simple introduction to what I hope is a fun experience for readers.  An Uncommon Mind is a tour through my thought process on any and everything and the lead blog/publisher’s corner of Uptown Mosaic Magazine.

One day the topic could be previewing an upcoming issue of Uptown Mosaic, the next day it could be politics, or sports or the crazy antics of my daughter.   Who knows?   It also allows me to fulfill one of my youthful dreams of being a writer.  Though are bloggers really writers?

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