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Death Be the Penalty (Remix)

Aside from Rep. Ron Paul’s blasé attitude about a person dying from the lack of health care and people cheering the most galling thing..

September 22, 2011

Yes, God is a Republican

With European soccer season over and basketball season completed I’m left to focus my attention on my other favorite sport.  Yup,..

July 21, 2011

Guest Blog: The Facts Are Irrelevant

A few months back I wrote about the game of chicken that Congress and the White House were playing with people’s livelihood.  They both..

July 14, 2011

Another Day, Another Scandal

Why is it politicians never realize they’re doing something wrong until they get caught?  Recently exposed New York Democrat..

June 7, 2011

The Boogey Man is Dead

I had planned to write something entirely different this week but then it happened.  “It” is of course the death of Osama Bin Laden. ..

May 4, 2011

On to The Next One…

Barack Obama finally took the completely unnecessary and pointless step of releasing his birth certificate.  It’s now proven beyond a..

April 27, 2011

The Brink of Brinkmanship

Living in the Washington, DC area means I get an up close and personal look at how our federal government works.  Or in most cases..

April 12, 2011

The Running of the Elephants

For political junkies like me election season is always an exciting time.  Next year’s presidential campaign promises to be one of the..

February 22, 2011

Guns & Butter

I’ll bet ever since the Bill of Rights was ratified people have probably been arguing about the meaning of the second amendment.  While..

January 5, 2011
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