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January 5, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Politics

I’ll bet ever since the Bill of Rights was ratified people have probably been arguing about the meaning of the second amendment.  While I generally don’t think it gives citizens the rights that most people think it does; I’ve come to accept that the right to bear arms folks have won the argument.  It would be great if they figured that out too.

Seemingly everyday they’re on TV or writing an op-ed piece threatening that the spooky liberals are going to take our right to guns away.  Really?  I guess it helps keep the coffers full when you can consistently demonize your opponent and drum up fear among the lunatic fringe.

A recent series in The Washington Post demonstrates how in control of the gun debate anti-gun control forces are.  Police officers can barely trace handguns used in crimes that were purchased.  Gun stores and gun sales are almost immune to any type of legislation.  The NRA doesn’t influence the gun debate; they own the topic all around.  Common sense gun laws don’t make it out of committee because the all powerful NRA has cowed legislators. 

I have not read about one serious bill pending in Congress to limit or deny citizens gun ownership.  New York Rep. Peter King’s cyncial gun control plan to introduce legislation to protect lawmakers is just sad and doesn’t count.  President Obama has hardly even publically mentioned the word guns since his “cling to guns” comment at an election year fundraiser a couple years ago.  When the spineless Democrats controlled Congress they wouldn’t even try to bring back the expired assault ban.  In some states like Texas and Virginia people can walk around openly carrying guns.

NRA and their friends have won the gun control battle.  Personally I don’t even want an outright gun ban.  I just want common sense laws to protect citizens and gun owners.  You know thorough background checks, gun registering, required training for gun owners, reinstating the assualt weapons ban, locks on stored guns.  The sort of things that I think will make people feel safer as gun owners and non gun owners.  Too bad that’s not likely to happen no matter what tragedies befall our country.

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