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Yes, God is a Republican

July 21, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Politics

With European soccer season over and basketball season completed I’m left to focus my attention on my other favorite sport.  Yup, politics.  There’s something about politics that is so crazy.  With the presidential election getting underway so political posturing and general nonsense is at an all time high.

While I’m an avowed independent I’ve never actually found a national Republican candidate that I could support.  But Republicans are far more entertaining than Democrats are so I pay closer attention to them.  They say and do things that make little sense but they say and do these things with such conviction I have to accept that they really believe the things they say and do.  Yet as a political party they confuse me.  Aside from their blind faith in a tax cut-centric economic policy, Republican’s ownership of faith-based issues most confounds me.

Don’t you ever wonder how Republicans have been able to so deftly wrap themselves in the cloak of religion?  Yeah, I do too.  They have whole events dedicated to the intersection of faith, religion and politics while casting those who aren’t Republicans or don’t toe the Republican line as godless heretics.  Democrats don’t do this stuff.  They don’t even do the basics like robo-call God for his vote.  For a long time I’ve wondered, does god really vote Republican?  If you listen to Republicans you’d think so.

Clearly God must believe in tax cuts for all and especially for the very wealthy.   It’s obvious because Republicans are just doing God’s work by fighting against higher taxes and demanding cuts to any and all government services that provide comfort to the less fortunate.  Because if you make enough money you shouldn’t have to share it and don’t worry because everything will magically trickle down to the less fortunate anyway.  What?  That’s never worked?  Don’t worry about it; God doesn’t want you to help them anyway.

Michele Bachmann says God is calling her to run president and nobody bats an eye.  Have you ever heard a Democrat say something like that?   More importantly have people lost their spiritual way so badly that God wants Michele Bachmann to be president?   If that’s the case I hope all Americans immediately drop to their knees and pray for forgiveness.

Where’s the uproar when Texas Governor Rick Perry says the US economy crashed because god wants America to return to biblical principles?  Let me get this straight, God in his infinite wisdom, decided to extend subprime loans to millions, get involved with risk derivative trading and pass a massive tax cut all so He could drive us back to church?  Rick also seems to ignore the fact that the country wasn’t built on Biblical principles to begin with.

Republicans have been able to use distracting issues like prayer in public schools and abortion to cast themselves on the side of the faithful.  They choose these types issues to appear to stand up for issues that are of concern to Christians.  But what about, comforting the poor and the sick?  What about feeding the hungry?  Aren’t those issues that Christian churches are on the forefront of as well?

Republicans claim to speak the language of Christianity; meanwhile a lot of their policies and actions are directly opposed to messages of love and understanding that define the bible.

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