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We made it to issue number 2!

In some respects completing the second issue was much more difficult than the first one.  Deadlines were tighter and the pressure to live up to the first issue made things tough.  What made it even more difficult was the high quality of submissions that we got this time around.  Selecting fiction, poetry and art for this issue, while fun, was quite a challenge because everything was so good.

I think we got it right though.  If we didn’t I’m sure you’ll let us know.

This month features our usual collection of art/photography, poetry, and fiction.  In our Art/Photography section we feature Aquiles Torres’ beautiful Brooklyn Shores photograph that captures the calm aftermath of an argument.  Frank Michel’s I’m Awake drawing portrays a man reaching out to uncertainty.

Our fiction this month selections mark Thomas Sullivan’s return to our site with his satirical short story, Coming Soon To A Phone Near You about political surveys.  Great story and I suspect it’s more accurate than we want to believe.  Also, Iftekhar Sayeed’s In The Beginning Was the Word, vividly explores a professor’s relationship with power.  Finally, this month’s featured story is Kaye Branch’s Repose.  Branch crafts a powerful story about a young woman’s awakening to the changes going on around her.

As always our poetry selections brings an exciting balance to the issue.  This month’s featured poem Escapism by Kelli Rai finds the author dealing with profound feelings of loss and detachment.  Luke Powers’ I Am Not A Murderer! gives voice a declaration of innocence in a world where people are often guilty until proven innocent.  Finally, Steve Klepetar’s submission Silence In The Afternoon takes readers on a brief journey of discovery.

All in all this month’s issue is a satisfying read.  But we’d love to hear from you; so tell us what you think!  Until next time…

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