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September 13, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, In This Issue

We’re back with another exciting issue of Uptown Mosaic Magazine.

Putting together each issue is a labor of love.   Issue number three was the most fun issue to put together because we had so many great submissions to choose from.  Choosing stories for this edition kept us up late at night, but those sleepless nights produced what I think is a great issue.  Hopefully you think so too.

This issue’s Fiction and Poetry section is filled with great evocative writing such as John Grey’s poem Out of Work that does a great job of illustrating the pain the unemployed often feel.  The Pianist, also by Grey, shows us life’s struggles through the troubled fingers of a piano player.  Choke on Me, the first of Ben Nardolilli’s two poems in this issue points out that much of the food we enjoy is not good for us and might actually be killing us.  Nardolilli’s second poem, Jewel Box Graffiti touches on the clouded lenses of angry people.

Daniel Davis’s great short story Neighbors makes you ask yourself if you every really know your neighbors.  Trust me you probably don’t really know them.  Mexican Bulldozer Radio by Dan Hornsby reminds us of just how noisy life can be even in what’s supposed to be your quiet zone.  Finally, William Raymond Aspah brings us The Good Life.  This story helps us remember that those who appear to have to the best of everything really don’t

One of the more exciting things we’re introducing in this issue is our new Opinions & Essays section.  This issue features two very interesting essays that are a great way to introduce this new feature to the website.  My Signature Itself is an Inferno by Deion Washington gives voice to the anger of a young man as he approaches adulthood.  Will Henderson‘s submission Unsent is a window into the world of a failed relationship and the pain it caused.

As always we hope you enjoy reading these poems, short stories and essays as much as we did.  We’re always looking for new submissions so if you’re a writer, poet, artist or photographer Uptown Mosaic Magazine is looking for you!  You can submit your work here.


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