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The Fatherhood Part 2: Part 2

March 30, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Parenting

It’s been three weeks since my new little bundle of joy joined the family.  Yes, the Scotts are officially bigger, stronger, faster and louder.  

If you don’t remember what happened in The Fatherhood Part 1 (actually there was no Fatherhood part 1 but don’t let that ruin a good tale) here’s a brief update:  I was happily sitting on the couch enjoying an adult beverage and my wife bursts into the house with wet pants and a crazed look in her eyes screaming, “It’s time!”  To which I responded, “Yeah, time for me to go this party.”

Noooo, my water broke while I was at CVS!”

After I finished my drink, we quickly considered everything we’d learned in childbirth class and decided to go to the hospital.  We put our stuff into the car and sped to the hospital.  And when I say put I mean we hurriedly threw everything in the back seat.  When we got the hospital I realized there was all kinds of stuff hanging out the back door (RIP to the wife’s cell phone charger).  Yep, wenwere in a rush.

That began the night long birth odyssey that launched us into parenthood for the first time.  The Fatherhood Part 2 birthing process was quite different.  The actually birth was less fun and more focused this time.  Something about planning these things takes the adventure out of it.  Of course it was not without the usual uncommon Scott antics.

This time we calmly made our way to the hospital early in the morning.  In the car, we were actually able to have an adult conversation that wasn’t peppered with, “Slow down, you’re going to kill me driving so fast.  Sigh, now you’re driving too slow.  Omar, this hurts!” like the first time.  When we got to the hospital we sauntered to the maternity ward.  Nope, no mad dash with a leaky woman for me this time.

They put us in a pre-op room with another couple that was also awaiting a c-section.  The other couple was hidden behind a curtain but we could hear them going through their final family building exercises.  Then they were hauled off to an operating room but they left the great-grandmother behind.  She ambles over and begins to tell us her life story.  I don’t know what it is about us but strangers feel completely comfortable telling my wife and me the strangest things.  This happens everywhere we go.  Did I need to know about her granddaughter being “slow” and her potty training techniques?

Then it was our turn.  They took my wife to the operating room and gave me paper scrubs which are not exactly the height of fashion but I made it look good.  Then I waited and waited and waited for a nurse to come get me.  Finally, I walked out to the nursing station and they took me back to the operating room where the wife was strapped down like Jesus on the cross.  I cracked a few unappreciated jokes and wondered aloud what the doctors behind the curtain were doing.  They didn’t respond so I just quietly talked to my wife. 

A few moments later I heard what I had been waiting to hear, the screams and cries of my new daughter. The nurses bundled her up and plopped her in my arms.  I held her close so my wife on her cross could see the baby and we both kissed her.  Welcome to family.

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