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Odd Addoration

October 11, 2012 by Thomas Henley in Poetry

It’s strange that there’s nothing strange to a child
about a fearless Italian with a strong-man mustache
wearing overalls and a red shirt and cap
sprinting through well landscaped castle grounds
where bricks float in mid-air,
some containing hidden gold
that he uses to buy another chance at life.
The Italian man collects mushrooms too
and when he gets to the castle wall,
which looks like a half-pyramid of brick he runs up it and leaps into the unknown,
finding a flagpole in his grip
before gravity pulls him by his ankles,
sprinting to the castle
only to have a dwarfed man in a mushroom cap
tell him that his lover is not there.

Fletcher Young was born in Southwest Michigan, where he lived for 25 years.  He moved to Texas in 2010 to pursue a warmer climate and gain new inspiration.  Fletcher has poetry and fiction forthcoming in Haunted Waters Press and Jack of No Trades Productions and poetry published with Gadfly Online and Circus of the Damed.  His hobbies include running, writing screenplays and training his Australian shepherd.


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