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It’s Baaaaaack…

September 13, 2011 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Sports

If anybody tells you that baseball is still the national pastime they’re either delusional or lying to you and themselves.  It’s been obvious for years that football is king.  No not, much to my dismay, the football that is played in the rest of the world.  (I doubt any of you were actually thinking that but thought I’d add that for clarification purposes.  Okay, I’m a huge soccer fan.  What the hell?  Back to the topic, man!)  Football is the dominant sport in America today and really the foreseeable future.

When the owners locked the players out the situation among football fans (or as I like to call it everybody in the country) was dire.  People were lost without football during the lockout; except the lockout occurred during the offseason when nothing of importance would have happened anyway.  No games were missed and the draft occurred as usual.  Sure the Redskins didn’t get to prove they know how to waste money on players who will cease to be good immediately upon putting on a burgundy colored helmet, but really we fans didn’t miss a thing.  That didn’t stop nationwide hand-wringing about whether there was going to be a season.

I know people who paid more attention to the NFL lockout then they did to their own jobs.  They spent days debating the merits of the various proposals and arguing tooth and nail who would win.  NBA players are currently locked out (you forgot didn’t you?) and nobody cares.  Hell the players don’t even care they’re all trying to go play in Europe instead.  NBA commissioner David Stern probably wonders why there’s nobody covering his every announcement like they covered the NFL commissioner’s statements.  Davey-boy, nobody cares about your little lockout.  We have football again.

To much praise and hosannas football is back.  There’s noticeable pep in the step of every man, woman and child everywhere you go.  You can see the joy the return of football brings by visiting any barbershop around the country.  They no longer have to bet on minor things like which debt ceiling bill would pass or how big the next reduction of American troops in Iraq would be.  They can once again return to betting on football.  Seriously, does every barber in the country have a gambling problem?   They bet on everything!  I recently heard two barbers bet on a preseason game.  A preseason game!

Speaking of preseason games, if you need proof that football rules the American sporting world the fact that people actually tune in watch preseason games is it.  Do they show spring training baseball games on TV?  Does anybody know if the NBA even has a preseason?  The other day I was watching a game and it occurred to me that none of the people playing in the game would actually make the team and if any of them did they would be cosigned to the bench or special teams action.  This is not the first time this has occurred me and yet I sat glued to the TV like millions of others.

I watched last night’s game and thought to myself, “I have no rooting interest in either team but it’s football and I must watch!”  I’ll spend all day Sunday glued to my TV.  I hope the wife and kids don’t need anything because I’ll be in a football induced stupor.  King and ruler of the American Sporting Universe, Football beckons…

My prediction for the season?  The Dallas Cowboys win it all.  There’s just something special about that team this season.

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