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Interview on Memory Lane

September 25, 2012 by Omar Scott in An Uncommon Mind, Society

This year marks twenty years since I graduated from high school.  At times it’s hard for me to believe twenty years have gone by.  It doesn’t feel like it could be that long ago.  My parents still live in the same place and the neighborhood where I grew up looks pretty much the same.  Whenever I see people I went to high school with they all look exactly the same, like they’ve been stored in amber for the last twenty years.  None of them have aged.

Of course some things are very different, like these gray hairs that have assumed control of my head and these stubborn twenty pounds that refuse to go no matter how politely I ask them to leave.  I’m of course, married with two children.  My perspective on the world has broadened and my experiences have left me far less idealistic and much more distrustful.

To commemorate this 20 year milestone I decided to share with you the walk down memory lane I took when I sat down to chat with 18 year old me.

An Uncommon Mind (AUM): What’s up, man?

18 Year old An Uncommon Mind (18AUM): Nothing much.  What’s up with your hair?  You’re all gray and shit. Like an old man.  You look like Daddy.

AUM: Uh, yeah, the greys are gonna start in on you any day now.

18AUM: Damn, the next twenty years must be rough.

AUM: Not really.  Life is pretty good.  Everybody is in good place and mostly happy.

18AUM: That’s good to know.  What about the crew?  We still runnin’ the streets, partyin’ and all that good shi…

What’s that on your finger?

AUM: My ring?

18AUM: You’re… You’re… Married?  Aw man!  What happened to never getting married?  What happened to playing the field for life?  We had big plans.  I’m blown, man.

AUM: You gotta grow up sometime, right?  Are you crying?

18AUM:  Crying?  Naw, O, I don’t cry.

AUM: Your eyes look at little watery that’s all.

18AUM: So we’re married, huh?  Kids?  Please tell me we have two rock head, soccer playin’ boys

AUM: Don’t you read this blog?  Oh wait, nobody reads this thing.  Anyway, nope two little girls.

18AUM: GIRLS!?!?  What are we supposed to do with girls?  Please don’t tell you’re not playing with dolls and drinking imaginary tea.  I won’t be able to take it!

AUM: Yeah, well about that.  When in Estrogen Land you do what Team Estrogen does.

18AUM: Man!  This is some shit!  How did this happen?  Man, I don’t even want to know.  This shit is fuckin’ crazy. I was damn so cool.  I was that dude.  Now look at me!

Next you’ll tell me you don’t play soccer anymore and you’re using your anger at this corrupt system in a more productive way.

AUM: We were never as cool as we thought we were. A bit arrogant too.  Anyway, I’m still playing soccer and still very angry at the world.  I’m still trying to find ways to impact and make the world a better place.

18AUM: Whew…  I don’t know what I’d do if you I found out you got a corporate job and bought a house out in the suburbs.

AUM: Yeah, that would be crazy.  Wouldn’t it?  Let’s say for example, though, that I do live in the sort of ‘burbs and have a sort of corporate job, what would you think about that?

18AUM: Young, I don’t even know me anymore!  Me 20 years from now is nothing like I envisioned.  I’m going to our parent’s basement to watch rap videos for hours.


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