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cold-natured hard to thaw ice water in your veins all monikers he placed on me but it was   his touch   that started winter storm to form in my soul it was   his kiss   that turned my lips frostbite blue it was    his jack frost like nature   that caused the cold breath to seep from my dry, […]


Sometimes I bark and growl and Snarl and bare my teeth I pull hard on the chains You have tied me down with In order to domesticate me I spread my legs And give birth to these – my progeny That you will not even come out of your house to see Helpless I am […]

dry bones

like dry bones in the valley you left me for dead but i was my own ezekiel i asked myself can these bones live i didn’t know the answer but i called to them i knew if i didn’t order those bones to live one else would i knew that death had whispered my name […]

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Front Cover Blue Ink Drop (cover) by posterize Image courtesy of posterize/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net Fiction Rodenz by Tamara Preston Stains by Julie Gesin Poetry Doctrine of Might by AJ Huffman Return to the Violent Mind by AJ Huffman Affixed in Immorality by AJ Huffman frigid by Angela Jackson-Brown dry bones by Angela Jackson-Brown Bitch by Angela Jackson-Brown The […]

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