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Brazilian Travelogue – Day 7: The End

Well a good thing has come to and end.  I type this as I sit in the airport reminiscing about this glorious trip.  Day seven was wistful but fun.  The consensus amongst the Scott boys of São Paulo is that we don’t want to go home.

Sure we’ll miss our families but this is Brazil!  I can type that because our wives don’t read this blog and only one of the four kids we have between us can read.  We’re in the clear.  Actually our next trip to Brazil (you know we’re coming back) will include the family or at least the wives.  Brazil is too good a destination not share with loved ones.  Really, it’s too good a trip not to share with everyone.

We checked out of our hotel and wished our hosts boa tarde for the last time.  We quickly tied up our loose shopping ends headed to our local bar where they know our name  and understand our butchered Portuguese to watch soccer, drink caiprinhas and eat a final meal. We were treated to two engrossing matches while we chatted about our trip. 

The end of the day’s second match was our signal that it was time to meet our car to take us to the airport.  We hustled down the roads that just seven days ago seemed unfamiliar and foreign.  Today these same roads felt as familiar as the Silver Spring streets we frequented in our youth.  We got back to our hotel and hopped in the car to airport. Riding the highways and byways of São Paulo for the last time made me realize how much fun was had.

Good bye and obrigado, Brazil.

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One Comment

  1. SparksJul 4, 2014 at 1:06 am

    All good things much come to an end. Obrigado Brazil for the warmth and hospitality. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. I’ll miss the Churrasco, Caprihnas, cafes and the people. Side note, the restaurant we went to last night had the best steak I’ve ever tasted. It was so good! Every morsel was heaven. I”ll miss the the local bar we went to always had the Caprinhas coming as soon as we walked in the door. Ahhh Brazil. Until we meet again.

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